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Bred by necessity to handle adversity.


Braford females continue to be profitable year after year. They earn their keep with their fertility, productivity and longevity. Brafords are easy-calving and good milking cattle.


Combining the benefits of both Brahman and Hereford cattle, the Brafords are able to thrive in the hottest climates. Disease and insect resistance are just a few more added benefits of the breed.


Brafords are known for growing well with only adequate forage. They don’t need extra supplementation to pack on the pounds. Braford have the reputation of high weaning weights in their calves.

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The Braford breed is one of the best kept secrets in the beef cattle industry. Braford cows are highly productive in southern production environments. Braford bulls work extremely well on your adapted cows and produce outstanding replacement females and you don’t have to apologize for the steers either.
Rodney Roberson, Ph.D.
Thunderstorm R Cattle Company
Braford cattle work very well for our operation. They have just the right amount of Brahman influence which allows them to be environmentally adapted to our climate. We use Brangus and Braford bulls in a two-way cross. The heifers make excellent cows and the steers are very acceptable in the market place. If you’re looking for a second breed and you are retaining females in your operation, then look no further – Braford could fill that void.
Dr. Jim Harvey
Harvey Ranch

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