Development Programs


The United Braford Breeders offers members unique opportunities to develop and market their bulls and females.

Advancing the Breed Sale

Stay tuned for the next sale date!
See the Advancing the Breed Sale‘s page for additional information.

Bull Development Program

The Bull Development Committee has implemented changes through the UBB Board of Directors to improve the reach of the Advancing the Breed Sale and expand future opportunities to provide high quality genetics to meet the growing demand for our Braford cattle. Commitment fees of $60/head are due up front. This fee will be charged on all animals committed (bulls, steers, heifers) and used to cover those cost associated with data collection, chute charges, and processing. Bulls that qualify beyond the yearling measurement date will be charged an additional $100 (30 day terms) to remain in the program.

2020-2021 Bull Development Form for Fall Born Bulls

Heifer Development Program

For future growth of the breed, it is important that potential Braford breeders be offered regular opportunities to purchase numbers of purebred quality females in a public sale setting. The Bull Development and Marketing Committee has created a development and marketing opportunity for heifers. UBB members are encouraged to consign keeping quality heifers to this program, with no limit or minimum numbers required. Registered F-1 Braford females will also be accepted in this program. The plan is for these heifers to be developed in an outside trap on relatively inexpensive high-roughage feed at Graham Land and Cattle Co. and then marketed at the March 2017 sale in Louisiana.  Ages will consist of November through February calved heifers that will be delivered to Graham at the same time the first spring group of bulls are delivered (date to be determined, target November 15). Prior to the sale the heifers will undergo an evaluation procedure to be determined by the Bull Development and Marketing Committee at a later date. Heifers that are not deemed suitable for marketing to a purebred Braford breeder will be removed from the sale offering by the sale management. These females can go back to the breeder or can be marketed at a local sale barn. The development program is intended to build on the success of the bull program using a similar plan of having all the heifers evenly developed and very presentable as registered Braford heifers ready to be exposed to a bull. There will be a $50/head total commitment fee for heifers.

Steer Program

Shortly after weaning, it can be challenging to determine the bull potential of each calf. The Bull Development and Marketing Committee recognizes this difficulty which is the primary reason for the reduced ($50) commitment fee. Breeders are encouraged to send all potential bull calves for further development and evaluation. At the time of arrival, bulls will undergo a cursory evaluation. Some bulls may be castrated at that time and moved into a steer group. All bulls that remotely show potential to develop into a quality commercial bulls will be further developed as bulls. At the time of yearling evaluation, bulls failing to meet standards stated above can be banded and moved into the steer pen(s). Steers will be marketed at an optimal composition as determined by Graham personnel and carcass data will be collected and sent to the consignor and to the UBB to enhance the genetic evaluation database.

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