Braford Plus


What is Braford Plus?

Braford Plus refers to the offspring of the mating of a purebred Braford (3/8 Brahman, 5/8 Hereford) or F1 Braford (1/2 Hereford, 1/2 Brahman) to a registered Angus or Red Angus. Braford Plus cattle can be registered as multi-generational breeding of Braford Plus cattle (i.e., the resulting offspring of a registered Braford Plus bred to a registered Braford Plus). All Braford and F1 sires and dams must be registered with the UBB, and all Angus and Red Angus sires and dams must be on file with the UBB.

By the numbers, a Braford Plus is a 3/16 Brahman, 5/16 Hereford and 1/2 Angus or Red Angus if the result of a mating of a purebred Braford to an Angus or Red Angus or, if the Braford Plus is the result of mating an F1 Braford to an Angus or Red Angus, the Braford Plus is a ¼ Brahman, ¼ Hereford and ½ Angus or Red Angus.

Why Braford Plus?

The function of crossbreeding is to optimize heterosis and it is important to utilize breeds whose genetics will complement each other. Braford Plus is the convenient way to capture heterosis and value. This crossbreeding system has the ideal balance of maternal and carcass traits. No two breeds offer more commitment to profitability and function in the southeast and southwest United States than the Braford x Angus or Braford x Red Angus mating. Braford Plus cattle are registered with documented parentage and EPDs. Braford Plus offer a simple and powerful way to optimize hybrid vigor. Use Braford Plus cattle to take advantage of management convenience and hybrid vigor in a single package while producing cattle that fit the pasture, the feedlot, and the meat case. 

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