Advancing the Breed Sale


How the Bulls Were Developed

The bulls in this sale represent breeding programs from top Braford operations across Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. Since the sale offering was assembled from calves produced in a variety of management and environmental settings, the sale catalog lists EPDs and performance measurements recorded in the development program, in which all the bulls were treated alike. This was done to provide a basis for making judicious comparisons.

Upon arrival at the feedyard, the bulls were processed into the program and went through a two/three-week warm-up/adjustment period, after which their starting weights were taken. Throughout the four-month test, the bulls were fed in a commercial feedyard environment.  The average daily gain (ADG) and weight-per-day-of-age (WDA) numbers in the catalog reflect performance over this four-month period.

 At the conclusion of the test, ultrasound data on the bulls was collected by Centralized Ultrasound Processing (CUP) lab-certified technician Donnie Roberson and later evaluated by the CUP lab. All ultrasound data was collected on all bulls within the Beef Improvement Federation-recommended age window for yearling bulls. At scan time, yearling scrotal circumference and frame score were recorded as well. 

At the conclusion of the evaluation period, the bulls were moved to nearby pasture where they were grazed on Bermuda grass and bluestem pasture. While on pasture, the bulls were supplemented daily with a high-roughage ration. During this time the bulls were semen tested and dewormed with Decotmax® (a pour-on dewormer).

Bull Health Protocol

All bulls were a part of a rigorous health management protocol that was put together by the veterinary team at Zoetis Animal Health, Graham Land and Cattle and the United Braford Breeders. At the time of entry to the program bulls were given BoviShield Gold One Shot®, UltraChoice 8® and dewormed with Valbazen®.  Approximately three weeks later when official start weights were collected, bulls were given a Decotmax® injectable dewormer.  At the breeding soundness exams, all bulls were given Spirovac VL5 w/Lepto®, Ultrachoice 8® and injectable Decotmax®.

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Consignment Details


5/20/2021  Committee Meeting at Graham Land & Cattle at 3:30 PM. 

Fall 2021  Bull Sale Date TBA

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