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Welcome to the home of United Braford Breeders – the only organization registering Braford cattle in the United States.

*Field Day, May 3rd*

Join us for a Field Day to view and tour the 100 bulls in the UBB Bull Development Program as they mature and are prepared for the October 2nd Advancing the Braford Breed Sale. The Field Day will be on site at Graham Land and Cattle Company in Gonzales, Texas. We welcome everyone to attend this event.

Field Day Schedule and Directions to Graham Land and Cattle Co.

2014 Spring EPD's Now Available

Look under Sire Summaries and Distributions in the Genetics tab for a complete listing of the latest set of Braford EPD's.

UBB's Bull Development and Marketing Program

The Advancing the Braford Breed IV Sale is coming October 2nd, 2014 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Be on the look out for more information Soon.

America's Braford Association
United Braford Breeders (UBB) is the only organization registering Braford cattle in the United States. Our organization represents the interests of all Braford breeders throughout the U. S. and our programs are focused on assisting members in their efforts to breed functional Braford cattle. Braford breeders continuously strive to produce cows that can function in the real world of commercial cattlemen who must make a living in often challenging and harsh production environments. Braford bulls must thrive under those same difficult conditions and perform their main function of getting the cows bred to produce growthy, hardy calves meeting current market demands.

Statement of Purpose
"The United Braford Breeders is an association of cattle breeders dedicated to the improvement of Braford Cattle. Its primary purpose is to assist in members' efforts to bring quality Braford breeding stock to the commercial cattlemen of the world."

Braford EPDs
The Braford breed is fortunate to have produced a new round of EPDs every year since 1999. We now make two runs each year - Spring in April and Fall in October. EPDs are the best tools Braford breeders have available to advance the breed in growth, maternal and carcass characteristics. Current Braford EPDs reflect the fall 2013 analysis. Go to the Genetics tab above to view a printable copy of the most recent Braford sire summary. You can also search Braford EPDs and sort animals according to your selection preferences. Also provided is a distribution table for Braford EPDs. This distribution table includes means, maximums, minimums and percentile rankings for Braford EPDs.

Corporate Sponsor
We are pleased to acknowledge Zoetis Animal Health as a primary corporate sponsor of United Braford Breeders.

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